Verifone VX680 WIFI / BlueTooth / Wireless Bundle

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The terminal offers wireless connectivity through GPRS, Wifi, or 3G and is lightweight for easy carrying. The terminal also has a power save mode, to help lengthen the battery life while away from the charger.

The VX 680 can accept a wide range of payments, including newer technologies such as NFC mobile wallets and EMV chip cards. For customers with traditional cards, the VX 680 accepts magnetic strip credit cards, and PIN debit using an internal PIN pad.

In addition to accepting payments, you can also process voids and refunds. For times when a connection isn’t available or goes down, the VX 680 offers an offline mode, also known as store and forward. In offline mode, you can accept payments, and they will be held for authorization until a connection is available. Once transactions are uploaded for approval, authorization can occur.

The Verifone VX 680 also offers transaction reconciliation directly from the terminal. After reconciling, you can print a reconciliation report and clear the daily transactions out of the system. You must be in online mode to use the reconcile function. If there are any offline transactions that haven’t been processed, you will be prompted to upload the transactions for authorization before using the reconcile function.


The VX 680 offers a high level of security and features end-to-end encryption. Additionally, the terminal is PCI PED 2.0 and PCI PTS 3.0 approved.


The VX 680 terminal provides a variety of features for convenience, including wireless connection options, a large touchscreen display, spill-resistant keys, and a built-in printer.

Connectivity and Communication

The Verifone VX 680 offers multiple connection options. The VX 680 is ideal for businesses on the go and for pay-at-the-table scenarios. You can connect the terminal wirelessly with GPRS, Wifi/Bluetooth, or 3G connections. Wired connections are available through Ethernet or dialup.

Additionally, the terminal has several ports for connecting optional peripherals. The VX 680 has both serial ports and USB ports.

Display and Keypad

The generous 3.5” color touchscreen makes reading easy in any lighting conditions and can display graphics, logos, or promotional messages to customers. Intuitive buttons allow your customers to interact directly with the VX 680 without handing over their credit card. The color screen can also display engaging graphics, logos or promotional messages.

In addition to an intuitive touchscreen, the Verifone VX 680 includes a 15-button backlit, spill-resistant keypad with durable alphanumeric keys, command keys, and special characters.


The VX 680 is designed to be easily carried. The small terminal measures 172mm L x 82mm W x 62mm H. The terminal weight varies depending on model (GPRS, Wifi, or 3G version.) The VX 680 GPRS weighs 479g, the VX 680 Wifi weighs 481g, and the VX 680 3G weighs 502g.


The Verifone VX 680 provides 192MB of total memory, split into 128MB flash memory and 64MB SDRAM.


The built-in printer takes 38mm paper rolls and can print customer receipts at up to 18 lines per second.

Bundle version includes 12 month supply of printing paper and ink.