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Explore our collection of wireless terminals, designed to provide merchants with flexible and convenient payment solutions. Our wireless terminals support various communication technologies, are compatible with leading payment processors, and offer long battery life and durability. With a range of price points and advanced security features, our wireless terminals help merchants accept payments with ease and confidence. Improve your... Read More

Wireless Terminals

The Ingenico iWL255 is a wireless credit card terminal that can process virtually any payment types, including magnetic stripe credit and debit cards, EMV chip and PIN, mobile NFC payments, and contactless options such as MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave. Long life lithium-ion batteries give merchants up to 650 transactions...
PAX A920 Elegant Android Smart Mobile POS Terminal The revolutionary terminal that started it all. The A920 combines the full features of an Android tablet with a powerful POS payment terminal, all in a sleek and compact design. Brilliant HD Touch Screen The 5-inch HD touch-screen delivers life-like images &...
PAX A80 Modern Android Smart Countertop POS Terminal The PAX A80 terminal is a versatile payment solution that can function as a countertop or indoor portable payment terminal thanks to its optional battery backup. The PAX A80 is designed to always run at peak performance, with full connectivity ensuring it...
PAX A920Pro Android Smart Mobile POS Terminal The PAX A920 Pro is an upgraded version of the A920 with faster processor, larger HD screen, professional infrared barcode scanner and a 5MP camera. It supports a wide range of advanced connectivity options, as well as NFC contactless, electronic signature capture and...
The Ingenico IWL255 3G is a versatile and secure contactless POS device designed for mobile use. This advanced contactless POS system can process various payment types, including magnetic stripe, EMV chip and PIN, mobile payments processing, NFC's and contactless options like MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave. The long-lasting lithium-ion batteries...
$375.00 $500.00
The PAX A920 is the revolutionary terminal that started it all. A strikingly beautiful and ergonomically designed terminal, this SmartMobile delivers elegance, style, and security to every payment experience. The A920 combines the full features of an Android tablet with a one of best PAX contactless payment terminal, all in...
$84.99 $229.00
The Dejavoo Z8 Dual Comm contactless terminal is a feature-rich countertop terminal for businesses that accept credit cards. The terminal includes built-in capability to process both EMV chip cards and contactless (NFC) payments, such as MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave. The machine also allows acceptance of traditional magnetic stripe credit...
Dejavoo Z6 EMV Contactless PINpad Terminal with Touch Screen Features Built-in NFC contactless reader EMV 4.x L1 and L2 certified Ethernet connectivity 32 bits high performance secure Microprocessor, @ 400MHz 3.5" color touch screen (TFT-LCD 320x480 pixels) 192 MB of Memory (128 MB RAM / 64 MB DDR RAM) High...
Dejavoo Z6 EMV Contactless PINpad Terminal with Touch Screen - Refurbished Discover the ease of payment processing with the Dejavoo Z6, a refurbished EMV device featuring a contactless touch screen. This Z6 pin pad is not only user-friendly but also ensures secure and efficient transactions with its EMV L2 certification....
$189.99 $299.99
Manufactured by Dejavoo, the Z9 is a contactless terminal with 3G or Wifi connectivity for portability. The Z9 includes a built-in contactless reader for accepting newer contactless payment technology. The Z9 is compatible with Visa payWave, MaterCard PayPass, and American Express & JCB J/Speedy. A touchscreen LCD and built-in printer...
Dejavoo Z8 EMV Contactless Tri-Comm Dial, IP, WiFi Credit Card Terminal - Refurbished The Dejavoo Z8 is the newest countertop terminal from Dejavoo systems. The Dejavoo Z8 comes in 2 versions, the first being dial and Ethernet (Z8.comm), and the second adding WiFi connectivity (Dejavoo Z8 WiFi setup). Please use...
Ingenico Desk/3500 Dial/Ethernet PINpad Terminal The Desk/3500 offers a seamless payment experience. It leverages the Tealium application portfolio and complies with future security standards. Desk/3500 Product Features Highest Security The Desk/3500 is PCI-PTS 5.x Certified. Its Tealium TETRA OS uses the latest cryptographic schemes with future-proof key length All Payment...


What is a wireless terminal?

A wireless terminal is a portable electronic device used by businesses to process credit card and debit card payments wirelessly. It uses wireless technology, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, to securely transmit transaction data to the payment processor without the need for a physical connection to a point-of-sale system. Wireless terminals are convenient for businesses that operate in diverse locations or need to accept payments on the go.

What are the benefits of using wireless credit card terminals for businesses?

Wireless credit card terminals offer numerous benefits including portability, allowing for payments on-the-go or at the table, reducing wait times for customers. They enhance customer service by allowing payments to be processed anywhere within the business premises. Additionally, they often support the latest in payment technology such as EMV chips, contactless payments, and NFC, making transactions more secure and convenient for both the business and its customers.

How do WiFi and 4G connectivity enhance the functionality of wireless credit card terminals?

WiFi and 4G connectivity expand the usability of wireless credit card terminals by ensuring that businesses can process payments securely and efficiently, even on the move. This connectivity ensures that transactions are processed quickly, reducing wait times for customers and increasing satisfaction. Additionally, with reliable internet connectivity, these terminals can facilitate real-time processing, immediate transaction confirmations, and seamless integration with point of sale systems.

What makes Dejavoo Z9 and the Ingenico devices popular among wireless credit card machines?

Dejavoo Z9 and Ingenico devices stand out in the market because of their reliability, user-friendly interfaces, and robust security features. They are both equipped with the latest technology to support EMV chip and pin, contactless payments, and NFC transactions, making them highly versatile. Their durability, compact design, and the ability to accept a wide range of payment options make them favorites among businesses looking for efficient and secure payment solutions.

Can mobile POS systems accept all types of payments?

Yes, most mobile POS systems are designed to accept various types of payments, including magnetic strip cards, EMV chip cards, contactless payments (such as NFC mobile payments), and more. This flexibility ensures that businesses can cater to the preferences of a wider customer base, providing a convenient and seamless checkout experience.

How do security features in payment terminals like encryption and EMV chip technology protect customer information?

Security features in payment terminals play a critical role in protecting customer information. Encryption technology safeguards data during transmission, ensuring that sensitive payment information is not intercepted by unauthorized parties. EMV chip technology adds another layer of security, generating a unique transaction code for each payment, which significantly reduces the risk of counterfeit fraud. Together, these features build trust by ensuring that customer payment information is kept secure.

Are there portable credit card machines designed specifically for small businesses?

Yes, there are portable credit card machines designed with the needs of small businesses in mind. These devices are compact, easy to use, and cost-effective, providing small businesses with the freedom to process payments anywhere, without the need for a full point of sale system. Brands like Verifone, Pax, and Dejavoo offer solutions that are not only affordable but also equipped with the latest payment technology, including contactless and EMV chip card acceptance.

What should businesses consider when choosing a wireless credit card terminal?

When choosing a wireless credit card terminal, businesses should consider factors such as compatibility with their current system, the types of payments accepted, battery life for portable devices, security features like encryption and EMV support, and the reliability of customer support from the provider. Additionally, looking at the terminal's ability to integrate with other POS components, such as barcode scanners and thermal printers, can be critical for streamlining the payment process.

How does the integration of barcode scanners and printers with wireless credit card terminals benefit businesses?

Integrating barcode scanners and printers with wireless credit card terminals can significantly enhance the efficiency of the payment process. Barcode scanners expedite the check-out process by quickly adding products to the sale, while integrated printers offer the convenience of immediate receipt printing. This setup reduces manual entry errors, speeds up transactions, and provides a professional and efficient service that can improve customer satisfaction.

Are wireless terminals secure for processing card payments?

Wireless terminals prioritize security by employing encryption and other advanced security measures to protect payment data during transmission. They adhere to industry standards and regulations to ensure the safe and secure processing of transactions, providing peace of mind for both businesses and customers.

Can wireless terminals be used for both in-person and remote payments?

Yes, wireless terminals can be used to process in-person payments at physical locations, as well as for remote payments in situations where the cardholder and the business are not in the same physical location. This versatility makes wireless terminals suitable for various business models and payment scenarios.

Can I track sales and generate reports using a wireless terminal?

Many wireless terminals and payment processors offer reporting and analytics features, allowing businesses to track sales, generate reports, and gain insights into their payment activity. This can be valuable for monitoring performance, understanding customer behavior, and making informed business decisions.
Wireless Credit Card Terminals for Convenient Secure Payment Option

What are Wireless Terminals?

Wireless terminals, such as the Verifone pad, are devices that enable the processing of payments without the need for a physical connection through wires, providing a streamlined checkout process. These terminals utilize wireless technology such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or mobile networks to transmit payment data securely, with the Dejavoo Z9 offering a full suite of connectivity options. They are commonly used in various businesses to accept credit card payments conveniently. Wireless terminals offer several advantages over traditional wired terminals. Firstly, they provide greater flexibility and mobility, allowing merchants to sell products and accept payments anywhere within range of a 4G or WiFi network. This is particularly useful for businesses that operate in multiple locations or at events and trade shows.

Additionally, wireless terminals are typically easier to set up and use compared to wired terminals, as they do not require any physical connections or installations, and offer features like WiFi connectivity and EMV support. This makes them a cost-effective and efficient payment solution for small businesses and startups, especially when opting for new models like the Verifone pad that combine advanced features with affordability.

Moreover, wireless terminals offer enhanced security features to protect sensitive payment data, such as encryption and tokenization. This helps to reduce the risk of fraud and data breaches, providing peace of mind for both merchants and customers. 

Advantages of Wireless Terminals

  • Enhanced Mobility: Take payments anywhere, with 4G and WiFi enabled Dejavoo terminals, offering the flexibility to sell products in various locations. not just at a fixed checkout counter. This is perfect for businesses like: Food trucks, Pop-up shops or market stalls etc.
  • Increased Sales Opportunities: Never miss a sale because you couldn't accept a card payment. This opens up possibilities for:
    • Participating in trade shows and events
    • Expanding your service area
    • Offering payment flexibility through EMV and contactless support to attract more customers
  • Improved Customer Service by integrating smart POS solutions from Ingenico or Pax for seamless transactions. Reduce lines and speed up transactions, leveraging advanced POS systems for efficiency. creating a smoother customer experience. Happy customers are more likely to return!

Types of Wireless Terminals

  • Portable credit card machines: Compact and lightweight, perfect for taking payments on the go (e.e.g., models from Pax and Ingenico offer robust security features and quick setup. at markets, food trucks).
  • Countertop terminals: Designed for fixed locations like retail stores or restaurants.
  • Mobile point of sale (mPOS) systems: Turn smartphones and tablets into payment terminals, leveraging Dejavoo or Ingenico technology, to sell anywhere. offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

How do Wireless Credit Card Terminals Work?

Wireless credit card terminals operate by establishing a secure connection to the payment gateway through wireless transmission. The transaction process involves encrypting payment data to ensure the security of sensitive information such as credit card details, employing EMV technology for added security.

Security Features of Wireless Credit Card Terminals

Wireless credit card terminals come equipped with advanced security features such as PCI compliance, encryption mechanisms, and fraud detection capabilities to safeguard transactions against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Integration with Payment Gateways

These terminals integrate seamlessly with payment gateways to facilitate real-time transaction processing, ensuring that payments are securely transmitted and processed without any delays.

Choosing the Right Wireless Terminal for Your Business

When selecting a wireless terminal for your business, it is essential to consider factors such as connectivity options, compatibility with existing systems, and ease of use. Comparing different brands and models like Dejavoo, Ingenico, and PAX can help you choose a wireless POS terminal that best suits your business needs.

Customization Options for Wireless Terminals

Many wireless terminal providers offer customization options to tailor the terminal settings according to your business requirements. Customizable features may include dual scanners, contactless payment support, and color touchscreen displays on POS devices from brands like PAX.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Wireless Terminal

Factors like portability, security features, and payment processing speed, alongside EMV compliance, should be taken into account when choosing a wireless terminal. Selecting a terminal that aligns with your business goals and customer preferences is crucial for maximizing its benefits.

Benefits of Using Wireless Credit Card Terminals

Utilizing wireless credit card terminals can provide businesses with enhanced mobility and flexibility in accepting payments. These terminals contribute to improved customer service by enabling quick and secure transactions, leading to increased sales revenue and customer satisfaction.

Improved Customer Service and Experience

Wireless terminals offer an efficient payment processing experience for customers, allowing them to make payments conveniently without any hassle through WiFi or 4G connectivity. This enhances the overall customer experience and fosters customer loyalty.

Increased Sales and Revenue

By accepting payments anywhere and anytime with wireless terminals, businesses can capitalize on sales opportunities and drive revenue growth. The convenience of wireless payments can attract more customers and encourage repeat business.

Security Measures for Wireless Payment Terminals

Ensuring the security of wireless payment terminals is paramount to protect sensitive payment data and prevent fraudulent activities. Encryption methods, PCI compliance, and risk mitigation strategies play a significant role in safeguarding wireless transactions.

PCI Compliance for Wireless Transactions

Adhering to PCI compliance standards is essential for businesses using wireless payment terminals like Dejavoo systems to ensure the secure processing of credit card information. Meeting these requirements helps maintain trust with customers and reduces the risk of data breaches.

Risk Mitigation Strategies for Wireless Payments

Implementing risk mitigation strategies such as real-time transaction monitoring, secure payment gateways, and regular security updates can enhance the security of wireless payments using devices like the Verifone pad. By staying proactive against potential threats, businesses can maintain secure payment processes through the use of advanced POS systems.