Research Paper Contest For Everyone

Anyone and everyone who has a penchant for writing and is in awe of the payment system are invited to write about it.

Emerchant Authority Research Paper contest encourages students (under graduates, graduates, PhDs), professionals, POS experts, Payment Gateway Experts, and enginners to deliberate and put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Participants are required to research and present historical, scientific, experiential and/or informational write-ups on POS and Payment System. The intent of organising this contest is to harness creativity and to disseminate the benefits of POS Machines and high risk merchant account.

The 2024 contest is now open to submissions

The deadline for submission is December 31, 2024.


  1. The challenges of providing payment processing services to high risk merchants: This essay could explore the difficulties payment processors face when working with merchants in industries like adult entertainment, gambling, nutraceuticals etc. It could analyze the fraud risks and chargeback issues associated with these merchants.
  2. Evaluating risk mitigation strategies for high risk merchants: This essay could look at different strategies used by payment processors to minimize risks when dealing with high risk merchants, like holding reserves, requiring collateral, using strict underwriting practices etc. It could assess the effectiveness of these different approaches.
  3. The impacts of high risk merchant accounts on payment processors and banks: This essay could examine how providing services to high risk merchants can impact a payment processor's relationships with card networks and banks. It could discuss outcomes like higher processing costs, increased monitoring and reporting requirements.
  4. POS system compliance challenges for high risk merchants: This essay could detail the strict data security and compliance standards that high risk merchants need to meet to get POS systems. It could review issues like achieving PCI DSS compliance and protecting customer data with high fraud risk.
  5. Alternate payment technologies for the high risk merchant market: This essay could provide an overview of some emerging payment technologies like cryptocurrency, mobile payments etc. and assess their potential to provide better solutions for high risk merchants.
  6. Case study on a payment processor specialized in the high risk market: This essay could provide an in-depth profile of a payment processor that focuses specifically on providing services to high risk industries. It could analyze their business model, risk management approach and compliance standards.


  • The length of the research paper should be more than 2000 words
  • The research paper must be grammatically perfect (US English) and should be original writing. Badly written and plagiarized copies will be discarded. The write-up must be creative and proofread before submission.
  • The research paper can be based on experience, scientific and/or historical in nature.
  • Relevant sources must be cited wherever possible.
  • Participants may use their preferred style of writing and submit the research paper in MS word or PDF format.

Who Can Participate

This contest is open for everyone.


First place: $5000 and essay will be published on Emerchant Authority’s website

Second place: $4,000 and essay will be published on Emerchant Authority’s website

Third Place: $3000 and essay will be published on Emerchant Authority’s website

How to submit


Who is the contest open for?
The contest is open for everyone who has a love for writing and who can research and gather information on pos machines. The contest is open for students, researchers, aromatherapists and freelancers.
Can I submit more than one entry?
No. Presently we only have the provision for one entry per participant. However, this may be subject to change in the near future.
Will the submitted essay be checked for plagiarism?
Yes. In fact, the submitted essay will be thoroughly checked for plagiarism by our team and several tools.
Will the submitted essay be checked for grammar?
Yes, the submitted essay will be thoroughly checked for grammar.
How will I know if you have received my essay?
An automated will be emailed to you after you submit your essay.
What is the maximum word count for the essay?
There is a minimum word count of 750 words. As far as the maximum word count is concerned, sky's the limit, you can write as much as you want. However, garrulous essays with obvious repetitions will be rejected.
Do titles count as word count?
The main heading or title of the essay will not be counted as the word count of the essay.
What should I do if I missed the deadline?
We strictly adhere to our deadline. However, we plan to make these contests regular on our website. So, if you missed your deadline, you will get a chance to resubmit at a later date.