Dejavoo Z9 WiFi & GPRS Special

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Manufactured by Dejavoo, the Z9 is a contactless terminal with 3G or Wifi connectivity for portability. The Z9 includes a built-in contactless reader for accepting newer contactless payment technology.

The Z9 is compatible with Visa payWave, MaterCard PayPass, and American Express & JCB J/Speedy. A touchscreen LCD and built-in printer enhance the look and function of the Z9.


The Z9 contactless terminal is PCI PTS certified and EMV 4.x Level 1 and Level 2 certified for security. 


The Z9 contactless-capable credit card terminal boasts the following features for businesses:

Connectivity and Communication 
The Z9 offers the choice of using either 3G or Wifi connections.

The Z9 features a 3.5” full color LCD touchscreen.

In addition to the touch-sensitive screen, the Z9 includes a 15-button backlit keypad with raised markings on action keys such as the OK button.

The dimensions of the Z9 contactless terminal are as follows:
Handset: 160mm L x 78mm W x 67mm H, weighing 335 grams
Base: 137.6mm L x 81mm W x 48.8mm H, weighing 140 grams

192MB of total memory (including 128MB Ram and 64MB DDR RAM) are included. A micro SD slot allows for additional removable storage.

The Z9 printer operates at 100mm/second for quick receipt printing.