Shopkeep iPad POS System Special

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You can accept cash, credit and debit cards, gift cards, and even contactless payments easily on ShopKeep’s versatile POS system.
  • Easy Transactions

    Speed through customer transactions with maximum ease and efficiency on your intuitive ShopKeep register.

  • Split Payments

    Accept multiple payment types for a single transaction or divide a single check numerous ways with just a few quick taps.

  • Refunds and Returns

    Perform efficient returns and issue customer refunds from current or previous shifts, even without a receipt present.

  • Deposits or Down Payments

    Offer customers the option of leaving a security deposit or partial payment towards items instead of paying all at once.

  • Tips and Gratuity

    Customize your recommended tip amounts and allow customers to tip right on the register, a proven way to increase the size of your tips!

  • Discounts

    Create custom discounts like Senior or Employee Discounts, require approval at the register (if needed), and track their usage over time.

  • Open Checks

    Save a customer’s order as an open check, update it each time they want to add to it and close it out when the time comes to pay.

  • Time Clock

    Allow employees to clock in directly from the register and track their hours in BackOffice with the Time Clock report.

  • User Permissions

    Assign cashier and manager privileges for added control over register functions, such as pay-ins/payouts, discounts, or returns.